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Howling Wolf

Theresa, Wisconsin

Classically trained chef Ken Wolfe has always had a passion for sauces, smoked foods and BBQ. Starting his career with a 3 1/2 year apprenticeship in California, then 2 years working as a chef in France.  Eventually Ken worked his way through the ranks and opened his own restaurant in Dubois, Wyoming.  His BBQ sauce was featured, and Ken perfected his style of barbecuing.  Ken worked successfully on his restaurant for six years before deciding to close and focus on his sauces full-time. Now based in Wisconsin, Ken produces his all natural product line that are full of flavor and quality, but use no high fructose corn syrup or MSG.  Five or six chiles are used in all of Ken's products adding not just heat, but flavor.  Try for traditional barbecuing, but also in salad dressings, on omelets, anywhere.



Rub a thin layer on any cut of meat before cooking, or sprinkle on pastas, potatos or other vegetables. 

Dry Rub

Wonderful on pork, brisket, ribs, duck, steak or wild game.

U0881010 · UPC 186656000059 · 12/4 oz.


Land & Sea Rub

Originally made to bring out the buttery flavors in fish, but also found to work wonderfully on pork, poultry or steaks.

U0881020 · UPC 186656000073 · 12/4 oz.


Mediterranean Rub

Brush on poultry with a bit of olive oil for a refreshing flavor of herbs and spices.  Also perks up pork or vegetables.

U0881030 · UPC 186656000066 · 12/4 oz.

BBQ Sauces

These sauces work great as a marinade or just brushed on whatever you are grilling to give it extra flavor.  All natural with no unnecessary fillers so all you get is the sauce flavor.

Original BBQ Sauce

U0880010 · UPC 186656000004 · 12/18 oz.

Extra Spicy BBQ Sauce

U0880020 · UPC 186656000011 · 12/18 oz.

Cranberry Orange BBQ Sauce

U0880030 · UPC 186656000035 · 12/18 oz.