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Grateful Gourmet

Sheridan, Indiana


At Grateful Gourmet they strive to use all the freshest ingredients in their chef inspired, innovative, and uniquely crafted recipes. As they find interesting and delicious ingredients, it gives them a chance to do what they really love...getting into the kitchen and creating. You can taste the goodness in every bite. 



Spicy & Sweet Habanero Pickles

Given a 1 of 5 on the heat scale, these are a great sweet pickle with a slight kick of heat. 

U3701140 · UPC 853896007468 · 6/16 oz. 


Fire Habanero Pickles 

For those who like things hot, these pickles are a 3 of 5 on the heat scale.

U3701130 · UPC 853896007482 · 6/16 oz. 


Inferno Habanero Pickles 

Some like things super hot, and these are the pickles for that. Made with ghost peppers and coming in at a 5 of 5 on the heat scale. 

U3701120 · UPC 853896007475 · 6/16 oz. 


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