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Coconut Kitchen Coconut Butter was created while looking for a healthier and tastier way to enjoy the delicious flavor and benefits of coconut. They have come up with flavored coconut butter- one of the most unique, healthy, versatile new products on the market today. Combining all of the natural properties that benefit your body health and immunity from the inside out with unbelievable fresh flavors. All of the flavors are created free of unnatural ingredients, no gluten, no dairy, no peanut and no soy. This coconut butter is made with the meat of the coconut blended to a spreadable consistency. Addition of organic coconut oil, fruit, nuts, and natural flavors- Coconut Kitchen is the go to naturally sweet product with no sugar added which makes it a friend of the Keto and Paleo crowd. The natural properties of the product allow you to warm it and pour over foods. 



Almond Cherry Coconut Butter

U3082000 · UPC 854517005610 · 8/9 oz.


Cinnamon Raisin Coconut Butter 

U3082050 · UPC 854517005450 · 8/9 oz.



Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter

U3082010 · UPC 854517005467 · 8/9 oz.



Lemon Zest Coconut Butter 

U3082060 · UPC 854517005429 · 8/9 oz.



Mocha Espresso Coconut Butter 

U3082020 · UPC 854517005597 · 8/9 oz.



Naked Coconut Butter

U3082030 · UPC 854517005436 · 8/9 oz.



Toasted Coconut Butter 

U3082040 · UPC 854517005443 · 8/9 oz.



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