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Blanxart Artisan Chocolate

Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish chocolatier sources cocoa beans from Ecuador, Brazil, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast and Guinea. They roast on site, blending the chocolates with real cane sugar and milk to create a perfect chocolate bar. Blanxart’s commitment to handmade artisan chocolate will be evident in every bite of their indulgent chocolate bars.


Milk Chocolate

S1720640 · 21/1.7 oz Bar 
S1720790 · 12/7 oz Bar


Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts

S1720670 · 21/1.7 oz Bar

Dark Chocolate

S1720700 · 21/1.7 oz Bar 
S1720820 · 12/7 oz Bar


Dark Chocolate with Almonds

S1720730 · 21/1.7 oz Bar
S1720760 · 12/7 oz Bar


Eco Bars bxbraxil76feature

Certified Organic and Fair Trade sourced chocolates.  Free of preservatives, additives, GMOs and trans-fats.  These are single origin chocolates with beans sourced from different regions and produced using traditional Spanish methods.  The single origin allows for the unique flavors of the different regions to come through in the chocolate.

82% Dark Chocolate - Congo

82% dark chocolate made from cacao beans from Congo.

S1720883 · 16/4.4 oz Bar

77% Dark Chocolate - Peru

77% dark chocolate made from cacao beans from Peru.

S1720884 · 16/4.4 oz Bar

85% Dark Chocolate - Nicaragua

85% dark chocolate made from cacao beans from the Nicaragua.

S1720885 · 16/4.4 oz Bar

76% Dark Chocolate - Brasil

76% dark chocolate made from cacao beans from Brazil.

S1720886 · 16/4.4 oz Bar



Chocolate A La Taza

'A la taza' is drinking chocolate.  To share Spain's passion for drinking chocolate, Blanxart offers their A La Taza bar or powder.  Unrefined dark chocolate mixed with sugar and vanilla. Add the powder or a piece of the bar to hot milk to create a drinking chocolate, or enjoy the bar as it is for a tasty snack.

S1720881 · A La Taza Bar · 12/7 oz Bar
S1720882 · Taza Powder · 12/7 oz Packets


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