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Black Swan BBQ Sauce

Dundee, Illinois

This clean BBQ sauce contains no corn syrup, thickeners, preservatives, chemicals, or anything artificial.  These sauces have a fresh, homemade taste, but still have a powerful blast of flavor that you want.  Made with fresh pureed vegetables they are natureally low in sugars, calories and carbohydrates.  Great on the grill or in the kitchen.



Original BBQ Sauce

A subtle blend of hot fresh peppers and spices.  Not too hot, not too mild, just the right kick of spice to accomodate most palates.

U8600120 · UPC 041349700091 · 12/18 oz.

Sweet Cognac BBQ Sauce

This mild sauce contains no hot spices or hot peppers, but still has an exciting taste from the fresh ginger, oranges and cognac.

U8600150 · UPC 041349700107 · 12/18 oz.

Beso Del Fuego

Beso del Fuego is Spanish for Kiss of Fire.  Made with a rich blend of fresh jalapeno and habanero peppers with smoldering spices.  The heat in this sauce builds slowly in the back of the palate.  Just right for someone who likes heat in their sauce, but not painfully so.

U8600180 · UPC 041349700114 · 12/18 oz.


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