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Big Green Tomato

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

Keeping ingredients simple and honest is the most important thing that they do at Big Green Tomato.  Each ingredient is carefully selected so you can trust what you are eating.  Big Green Tomato believes in their 'No Funny Business' promise.



Cranberry Pecan Granola

Wisconsin cranberries mixed with chopped pecans provide just the right balance.  Certified gluten-free oats, Nebraska honey, Wisconsin Cranberries, pecans, canola oil, Saigon cinnamon.

W7001230 · UPC 861450002637 · 6/12.5 oz.
W7001540 · UPC 748252299338 · 12/2 oz.
W7001620 · UPC 860000755818 · 12 lb.

Naturally Almond Granola

Delicious and hearty blend of whole-grain rolled oats and roasted almonds sweetened naturally with pure honey and vanilla. Certified gluten-free oats, Nebraska honey, California almonds, canola oil, pure vanilla extract.

W7001210 · UPC 86145000613 · 6/12.5 oz.
W7001520 · UPC 748252298935 · 12/2 oz.
W7001610 · UPC 861450002606 · 12 lb.

Chocolate Espresso Granola

A rich blend of cocoa & chocolate paired with hints of espresso, then slow-baked with whole-grain oats, honey and vanilla.  Certified gluten-free oats, nebraska honey, chocolate (evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic), non-dairy cocoa butter), canola oil, cocoa, espresso, vanilla.

W7001140 · UPC 861450002620 · 6/12.5 oz.
W7001560 · UPC 748252299130 · 12/2 oz.
W7001630 · UPC 860000755801 · 12 lb.


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