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While new to the United States, Brazilian cheese bread has been around for almost two hundred years.  Made with tapioca flour, these cheese bread rolls are gluten free, wheat free and yeast free - although absolutely not flavor free.  Silvana Quadros Russell grew up in Brazil eating Pão de Queijo (cheese bread).  After moving to the United States in 1995, Silvana found a source for tapioca flour and was able to make her cheese bread rolls again.  Demand began to grow beyond family and friends for her tasty appetizer and Brazilian Oven was born.

All Brazilian Oven Cheese Bread is mixed and quick-frozen in small batches.  All batches are made from scratch with all natural ingredients.



Traditional Cheese Bread Rolls

U1610001 · UPC 713757773829 · 12/12 oz

Garlic Cheese Bread Rolls

U1610002 · UPC 696859242397 · 12/12 oz

Jalapeno Cheese Bread Rolls

U1610003 · UPC 696859242380 · 12/12 oz

Rosemary Cheese Bread Rolls

U1610004 · UPC 748252181091 · 12/12 oz


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