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Matiz Sea Salts

Matiz España sea salts are harrvested from ancient salt pods on the Southern Atlantic Coast of Spain. The salts are obtained by the actions of the wind and sun and are then collected by hand. These sea salts are full of essential minerals.


Smoked Sea Salt

In addition to traditional smoked dishes such as fish, try this on meats or vegetables.  This salt adds an exotic flavor to any dish.  It is available in both retail and foodservice sizes.

8/4.4 oz. · 1.6 lb.


Flor De Sal

Considered to be the 'Queen of Salts,'these fine crystals are hand harvested from the very top of the crystalized water then dried in the sun for brilliance and exceptional whiteness.

8/4.4 oz.


Sea Salt with Herbs

The sea salt is combined with Mediterranean herbs of thyme, basil, rosemary and oregano to add a subtle aromatic flavor to any dish.

8/4.4 oz.







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