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Amy Food Inc. is a premier supplier of Asian and specialty food for the retail and food service markets. With a wide range of innovative products, they provide high quality and low cost solutions to customers from all over the country. The company was founded by Phyllis and Victor Hsu in 1981.  The company was named after their first American born child, Amy, which means “love of America”. 
Amy Food Inc. has been a loyal supporter of local agriculture and a member of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Go Texan program. They are a certified minority-owned business and maintain high standard of food safety for the products. With the knowledge and passion for good food, Amy Food Inc. continues to find new flavors and tastes for good food. 

Shrimp Egg Rolls

81510020 · 50/3 oz

Lobster Egg Rolls

81510060 · 50/3 oz

Crab Rangoon

81510100 · 50/1.5 oz
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