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La Belle Farm, Inc.

Ferndale, New York

LaBelle Farms is a family owned and operated producer of natural Moulard Duck products located in upstate New York.  They oversee every aspect in the development of their birds from breeding to processing.  Because of their limited production, LaBelle Farms has the ability to adapt to even the slightest change in the environment, yielding a consistent product day after day.  Their obsession with quality has helped LaBelle Farms produce a superior Foie Gras and receive rave reviews from the Nation’s top Chefs.


Foie Gras

This fresh Grade A duck is large, firm and flavorful-  Foie Gras at its best!

P4300020 · Grade A · 1.9 lb.

The Grade B Foie Gras is perfect for terrines and slow cooking.

P4300050 · Grade B · 1.9 lb.

This pre-sliced Foie Gras comes ready to saute.

P4300075 · Sliced · 10/2 oz.foie-gras-sliced

These Foie Gras nuggets are perfect for side dishes such as stuffing and mousse.

Y1100030 · Ends & Pieces



This Terrine is made with 100%  pure Foie Gras slow cooked with Sauternes wine and Cognac.

Y1100100 · Terrine · 6/7 oz.
Y1100070 · Terrine · 2.2 lb.

Smoked Duck Drummettesduckwingdrummette99173140745832712801280

These tender succulent duck wings are perfect for roasting or grilling with your favorite sauce.

P4110470 · Smoked Duck Drummettes · 20/3.5 lb.


Duck Prosciuttoduckprosciutto

This fully cured and aged Moulard duck breast has a rich velvet pallet. The distinctive product is in demand by today's top chefs and is setting a new flavor standard.

Y1100010 · Duck Prosciutto · 8 oz.



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