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Salume Beddu

Saint Louis, Missouri

Salume Beddu is a small artisan company,  dedicated to  crafting Italian  and  European-style cured meats, fresh sausages and regional Italian specialty foods. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality Heritage Midwestern pork and the freshest spices they can procure. Each salame is crafted with care and slow cured to produce traditional tastes with a New World twist.

Salumi Beddu sopressatagrp1627

Soppressata Siciliano

A large rustic salame slow aged no less than 90 days with red chile, garlic, toasted fennel, and red wine.

Y2100010 · 3 lb


Simple and straight forward, this Tuscan style salame is flavored with toasted fennel, black pepper, garlic and red wine.

Y2100110 · UPC 794571996465 · 6 oz.

Salumi Beddu chorizogrp1673


A Spanish Style, dry cured salame flavored with smoked paprika and New Mexican chile.

Y2100030 · 6.4 oz.



Known as "Hunter'" salame, an Italian-style salame flavored simply with black pepper, marjoram and red wine.

Y2100170 · 6.4 oz

Salumi Beddu venetosalamigrp1545


A lean, Venetian-style salame made with a host of Eastern spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and a few more. 

Y2100130 · 6 oz.



Small spicy salame flavored with toasted anise, chile de arbol, garlic and red wine.

Y2100090 · 6.4 oz.

Salume Beddu calabresesalamigrp1606


This Calabrian Style salame is spicy and bold flavored with dried chiles, smoked paprika, coriander, garlic and wine.

Y2100150 · 6 oz.



Salame Beddu's take on the classic Northern Italian salame, flavored simply with white pepper, a touch of garlic and white wine.

Y2300500 · 3 lb.



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