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'Nduja Artisans

Chicago, Illinois

During the spring of 2010, Agostino took note that 'Nduja, the typical product  of his hometown in Calabria, started to make a big impact in the Chicago food scene. Being dissatisfied with the quality of the product he was finding, he was inspired to create the original taste of his hometown and bring it to the States. When his father came to visit from Italy that winter, they did just that and were elated with what they created. Agostino has passed on the passion of salumi making to his son, Tony. Together, they are ‘Nduja Artisans. With knowledge accumulated over five generations, it has culminated in a product that tastes just as authentic as Spilinga’s, the birthplace of ‘Nduja. They have done so by assembling a master mix of assorted dried peppers, both local and imported, to achieve similar spice, heat, and flavor notes as the famed Calabrian peppers.




'Nduja is a cured, spicy, spreadable salumi originally from Calabria.  It was traditionally made with pork shoulder, back fat, belly and spicy Calabrian peppers.

Y1700010 · 1 lb. Chub
Y1700040 · 6 oz. Chub


Calabrian Dry Sausage

Y1700240 · Food Service · Hot · 12-16 oz.
Y1700310 · Retail · Hot · 10 oz.

Iberico 'Nduja

Spicy, spreadable 'nduja made with Iberico pork.

Y1700100 · UPC 857996005416 · 12/6 oz. Chub

Salame di Manzo

Uncured Wagyu Beef Salami.  Handcrafted with waygu beef which has been raised with no antibiotics, on a vegetarian diet, and with no growth hormones.  

Y1700350 · 12/4 oz.

Hot Capicolla Cotto

Y1700055 · 2/6 lb.

Coppa Piccante

Y1700060 · 3/6 lb.


Y1700065 · 3/6 lb.

Sopressata Piccante

Y1700110 · 6 lb.


Y1700120 · 1 lb.


Y1700210 · 12/5.5 oz.

Cacciatorini Piccante

Y1700250 · 12/5.5 oz.


Mild chorizo made with Pimenton  de La Vera and Cayenne.

Y1700560 · 12/5.5 oz.
Y1700570 · 2/5 lb.

Cremosa Tartufata

Spreadable black truffle salami made with Savini Truffles.

Y1700500 · 5/12 oz.
Y1700540 · 12/4.5 oz.


Spreadable Spanish style salami made with Iberico de Bellota and Pimenton El Angel.

Y1700520 · 5/12 oz.