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Alexian has been making all natural pâtés and Eastern European style meats since 1982. All Alexian’s products are made in the USA, but its old-world flavor comes from European recipes which have been in the family for generations; the family which began the company still owns and operates it today. To ensure the freshest and most premium product, all Alexian’s pâtés are proudly made with no preservatives, additives, or fillers, and are free from added hormones and antibiotics. Just like their pâtés, Alexian’s Specialty Crackers are made with all natural, simple ingredients, and nothing artificial. They are the perfect complement to Alexian pâtés as well as cheeses and other spreadables.



Duck Rillette Terrine

Y0400011 · UPC 042251000255 · 6/5 oz. 


Duck with Cognac Pate

Y0400071 · UPC 422510005076 · 6/5 oz. 


Grand Marnier Pate

Y0400105 · UPC 042251000552 · 6/5 oz. 


Mixed Veggie Pate

Y0400081 · UPC 042251000521 · 6/5 oz. 


Pate de Campagne

Y0400051 · UPC 042251000484 · 6/5 oz. 


Phesant and Rosemary Pate

Y0400041 · UPC 042251000477 · 6/5 oz. 


Truffle Mousse Pate

Y0400061 · UPC 042251000491 · 6/5 oz. 


Wild Mushroom Pate 

Y0400101 · UPC 042251000545 · 6/5 oz. 


Duck Rillette 

Y0400110 · 1/3 lb


Black Forest Ham

Y0400150 · 2/3 lb


Beef  Smoked Eye of Round, Peppered 

Y0400170 · 3/7 lb

Vegan- Curry & Bell Pepper Pate

Y0400030 · UPC 042251000668 · 6/5 oz. 


Vegan- Earthy Mushroom Pate

Y0400035 · UPC 042251000651 · 6/5 oz. 


Vegan- Tomato Basil Pate

Y0400025 · UPC 042251000514 · 6/5 oz. 


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