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Hacienda Zorita


Pioneers in Spain in natural and organic farming, Hacienda Zorita produces limited quantities of high quality raw milk cheeses on their organic farm in the Duero Valley.   The farm is home to the near extinct Verata goats, as well as an evergreen oak tree forest, natural pastures, and wheat fields which are protected natural land where the cattle are allowed to graze freely.  A wide range of animals live together in harmony on this farm, and help to produce their high quality cheeses and other products.  Hazienda Zorita is also committed to the preservation of indigenous, rare and endagered species.  They have created The Slow Fund toward this where 1% of the farms gross revenue is invested.  



Queso Cabra Al Tomillo

Goat's milk cheese with thyme.  Raw milk cheese made from the milk of Verta Goats.  This award winning cheese is produced in limited quantites.  Cured for six months and marinated with thyme producing a rich cheese with the intense flavor of goat milk and olive oil.

S0500510 · 2.2 lb.

Queso Oveja Al Vino

Using raw Sheep's milk cheese and ecological Syrah wine to produce this wonderful cheese.  The cheese is immersed in Syrah grape wine for six months, giving the cheese a subtle ripe fruit and roasted fruit flavor.

S0500060 · 2.2 lb.

Sheep's Milk Cheese Extra Aged

Cheese made with local raw sheep's milk and cured for 12 months. Clean and balanced on the nose. Elegant acidity and slight sweetness with hints of dry hay on the palate. Serve with toasted nuts, fresh bread and red wine. 

S0500050 · 6/2.2 lb.
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