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Entrepinares is a family company created by Antonio Martin Castro in 1984.  Because  of his family tradition of cheese making he was able to have Entrepinares be one of the first companies approved by the EU in the dairy sector.  They are commited to quality and the environment.  With three factories, they make sure that the milk is always collected from farms in neaby rural communities.  Entrepinares also works with the farmers to advise on issues such as quality, food safety, as well as how to make their farms more profitable.  Entrepinares also allocated their profits for reinvestment into their factories to keep them at the forefront of technology.  They have been the recipient of national and international awards and certificates for their commitment to both quality and their communities and environment.



Iberico Semi-Cured

One of the most popular cheeses in Spain and originally from theregion of Castilla y Leon since 1987. Iberico is a Manchego-stylecheese made from a blend of cow, goat, and sheep's milk.

S0501066 · 12/150 g

Sheep's Milk Cheese 3 Months

This is a young, sheep’s milk, pasteurized cheese from Spain. It is made in the tradition of Manchego, yet is not made in the designated area or with the specific Manchego breed’s milk, thus it is called, “manchego-style”. The cheese has a light nutty flavorand is semi-firm in texture.

S0500110 · 12/150 g





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