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Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

One of six Stilton producers in all of England, they work closely with 16 small family farms where cattle graze as often as possible on lush grasses of Peak District National Park.  They craft their Stilton the traditional way, using recipes passed down through three generations.  Using artisan methods like hand ladling the curd, and 'rubbing up' to set the curd.  The cheese is monitored and turned daily by hand during aging, and after 5 weeks the cylinders are pierced to allow the signature stilton blue veins to start their process.  When the cheese is done aging it is then hand wrapped and ready to go.  These hands on practices are shown in the quality of this wonderful English Stilton.  Award winning with a rich, tangy flavor and velvety, soft texture that melts in your mouth.



Cropwell Bishop Stilton

Heralded as the King of English Cheese.

F1700360 · 8.6 lb




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