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Alta Langa


Caseificio dell’ Alta Langa is a family owned and operated creamery in the vibrant hills of Piedmont, northern Italy. They
craft hand-made cheeses using time-honored techniques.




Camembert dell' Alta Langa

Delicious, ripe, funky three milk (cow, sheep, and goat) Camembert style cheese, pair with a sparkling wine. 

I0520200 · 6/9 oz. · PREORDER


Oozy and luscious cow three milk cheese with a slightly firm center and toothsome rind. 

I0520160 · 6/6 oz. · PREORDER

Il Nocciolo

Fresh, light, fluffy cow, sheep and goat's milk, like a mini La Tur. Pair with hazelnuts or hazelnut chocolate. 

I0520140 · 9/3 oz. · PREORDER

La Tur

Their most famous cheese, lactic set, three milk, like a cheese cupcake. Pair with prosecco or a spritz, olives, and crusty bread. 

I0520120 · 6/8 oz. 

Robiola Bosina

Their traditional cow & sheep robiola in a beautiful square format. Oozy, ruch and yet approachable. Pair with cured meats and pickles. 

I0520180 · 12/8 oz. · PREORDER


Luscious, lactic-set three milk cheese. Pairs beautifully with almost anything, sweet or savory, and sparkling wine or beer!

I0520100 · 6/11 oz.  · PREORDER

Il Canet

Il Canet is a unique cow & goat's milk blend, handmade by the artisans at Caseificio dell'Alta Langa, a fifth-generation dairy located in Piedmont, Italy.  This fine cheese is a riff on a traditional style that dates back 2000 years, the Robiola.  This version takes a unique log shape, with a strikingly beautiful orange rind that comes from a single wash of brine and annatto.  Il Canet has a delicate rind that gives way to a sweet and fruity paste which is bouncy when young and lusciously creamy with age.

I0520220 · 8/4 oz.  · PREORDER


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