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Jacobs & Brichford

Connersville, Indiana

Since the early 1800s, the Jacobs & Brichford land has been home to a family farm in Southeast Indiana, nestled in the Whitewater River Valley.  All the milk used in their cheese is produced on their farm, from their grass-fed, Jersey, Normande and Tarentaise cross cows.  They operate a seasonal dairy - following nature's rhythm of milking (in a New Zealand style outdoor parlor) and move the cows through fresh pastures each day.  Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford have lived on the Brichford family farm since 1981 and have raised their three daughters there. Today they have successfully built their business and still have their daughters working on the farm and helping to market their cheese.




Washed rind cheese inspired by the cheeses of Northern Italy with a salty, savory and mildly lactic flavor.

Q6000010 · Raw · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · Loaf · 2.3-2.8 lb



A premium cheese, styled after Alpine style cheeses with a firm, creamy texture and a savory, sweet flavor that sharpens with age. Good Food Awards Winner 2011.

Q6000030 · Raw · Cow's Milk · Firm · Quarter Wheel · 5 lb
Q6000040 · Reserve - aged at least 18 months · Firm · Quarter Wheel · 5 lb


Small 1.5 lb wheels of wonderful washed rind cheese.  This semi-creamy cheese is made from raw cow's milk and aged 60 days.

Q6000050 · Raw · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · Wheel · 1.5 lb · Pre-order








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