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Doe Run Farm Cheese

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Doe Run Farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania, once owned by the late horticulturist Sir John Rupert Hung Thouron now operates as a grass-based dairy, practicing rotational grazing. The current owners Kristian and Haesel Holbrook have turned Doe Run into a private working farm. Their farm is based on the philosophies of sustainable agriculture and basic food preservation practices borrowed from our ancestors and tied closely to its source.
Haesel manages the farm's fruit and vegetable gardening as well as the food preservation and fermentation practices. Kristian oversees the Doe Run dairy herds and leads the farm's cheese

St. Malachi

A pasteurized, washed curd and washed rind Alpine style cheese, St. Malachi is a hard cheese with a parmesan like texture. Aged over 90 days, one will find the beginning of tasty, crunchy crystals forming in this cow’s milk beauty that pairs well with  rose, a big white wine or a dry cider.
Q5900010 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Firm · Wheel · 12 lb
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