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Consider Bardwell Farm

West Pawlet, Vermont

A pasture-based dairy farm, making and aging award winning raw cow and goat milk cheeses.   The farm practices rotational grazing for the animals and is committed to sustainable farming practices that minimize waste and give back to the soil.




A versatile and approachable cheese inspired by traditional Italian mountain cheeses.  Smear-ripened Toma.  Cave aged for three months.

Q3800010 · Raw Cow's Milk · Semi-firm · 10 lb.


An earthy, mushroomy aged goat cheese.  Pressed in baket molds and cave aged for three months.  

Q3800020 · Raw Goat's Milk · Semi-firm · 3 lb.


This washed rind goat's milk cheese is cave aged for two months, washed in brine three times a week.  Slyboro is smooth and buttery with slightly sweet with complex notes of carmelized onion.  ACS 2018 First Place WInner

Q3800030 · Raw Goat's Milk · Semi-soft · 4 lb.

(802) Blue

Small-format, natural-rind raw blue cheese. Cave aged for sixty days. Every wheel is pierced by hand twenty times, once after twenty days then again after forty days to keep the blue mold blossoming.  Approachable, sweet and peppery.

Q3800040 · Raw Cow's Milk · Semi-soft · 2.5 lb.