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Boxcarr Handmade Cheese

Cedar Grove, North Carolina

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese is a first generation family farm and creamery founded by Austin and Dani Genke along with Austin's sister Samantha.  In their newly built 2900 square foot creamery on the farm they create Italian inspired small batch cheeses.  Surrounded by long established farms they source their Jersey and Holstein cow's milk from a nearby neighbor, and the Alpine, Nubian and Sannen goat's milk from another.  Although somewhat new to the cheesemaking scene, Boxcarr has quickly made a name for themselves in the cheese community.


Rocket's Robiola

Ash-dusted, wrinkly rind cheese with a slightly chalky, but silky interior.  Gentle almond and bright mushroom notes can be found in this cheese.

Q2400030 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · Square · 6/12 oz


Rosie's Robiola

A clean and dry, wrinkly rind surround the slightly chalky and silky paste of this luscious cheese. Primarily made with cow's milk, Boxcarr will add a little goat's milk when available.  The label will let you know which specialty you are getting.

Q2400090 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · Square · 6/12 oz · Pre-order


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