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N. Charelston, South Carolina

Created by bartenders for bartenders, Tippleman's is a series of syrups that help bartenders easily introduce more complex flavor characteristics into cocktails and promote creativity behind the bar.  Made in small batches, the finest quality ingredients are sourced and thoughtful techniques are applied to make a syrup that is complex in flavor, yet easy to use.




Burnt Sugar Syrup

Depth and bittersweet complexity is added by taking sugar past the caramelization point.  Great mixed with aged spirits, or in tropical or sour cocktails.

U4040005 · UPC 852175005164 · 12/13 oz.



Falernum Syrup

Made from milled, fresh, whole spices and hand peeled and ground fresh citrus peel along with juiced ginger.  Adds a tropical spice character to your cocktails.

U4040015 · UPC 852175005171 · 12/13 oz.



Ginger Honey Syrup

Made with Wildflower Honey and Fresh Ginger Juice.  A great sweetener for scotch, mazcal and tequila drinks.

U4040022 · UPC 852175005119 · 12/13 oz.



Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup

Dark with rich maple character, B grade maple syrup with wisps of smoke from their bourbon barrels.

U4040045 · UPC 852175005157 · 12/13 oz.



Barrel Aged Cola Syrup

All natural, fresh citrus and spice cola anged an a bourbon barrel.

U4040050 · UPC 852175005140 · 12/13 oz.
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