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Chicago, Illinois

Stu’s was created by two friends that believe in one truth: people deserve good pickles. Tired of limp pickles and tasteless Bloody Mary’s, these boys are sending out their sour pickles and perfect Bloody Mary mix beyond the borders of the Windy City because everyone deserves to have a truly good morning, especially when that morning demands the perfect Bloody Mary.


Stu's This Is Bloody Mary {Concentrate}

You may not find tomato juice or vodka in this jar, but you will find the spices and enough Stu’s sour pickle juice to make the best bloody Mary you’ve ever had. Each jar has all the pickle and pepper you need to make a perfect bloody Mary, just add your favorite tomato juice and the spirit of your liking.

U2920100 · Original · UPC 859111005073 · 10/16 oz.
U2920020 · Original · UPC 661799145114 · 1/2 Gallon Growler
U2920200 · Jamaican Jerk · UPC 859111225080 · 10/16 oz.
U2920300 · Smoked Jalapeño · UPC 859111005097 · 10/16 oz.


Bloody Mary Mixology Kit

Avoid entertaining disaster with Stu’s This Is Bloody Mary Mixology Kit. These generous portions ensure your brunch, party, tailgate or special event stays spicy.

U2920039 · UPC 661799145152 · Complete Kit