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Quince & Apple

Madison, Wisconsin

Quince & Apple was started by husband and wife duo Matt and Clare in 2009 in Madison, WI. They make small batch preserves and craft cocktail syrups using the finest ingredients for bold flavors. Matt and Clare believe that the fruit should be the forward flavor in their product and use only 100% cane sugar for what little sweetening is needed—no corn syrups ever and GMO-free.

Cocktail Syrups

Each syrup is handcrafted to perfectly balance bold fruit and sweet accents. The flavors are chosen to complement a variety of spirits to transform any cocktail.



U3600800 · 250 mL
U3600810 · 1000 mL


Honey Lemon

U3600850 · 250 mL 
U3600860 · 1000 mL 


Lime & Cucumber

U3600890 · 250 mL
U3600900 · 1000 mL


Rhubarb Hops

U3600930 · 250 mL 
U3600940 · 1000 mL 


Tart Cherry Grenadine

U3600970 · 250 mL 
U3600980 · 1000 mL