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Petal Sparkling Botanical Blend

Highland Park, Illinois

Roses are all the rage now from cosmetics to fashion, desserts to beverages.  Petal introduces a unique beverage experience - Sparkling Botanical Blends featuring delicious rose.  Rose naturally enhances your mood with its intoxicating scent and delicate floral taste.  Zero calories, no sugar, no caffeine, all organic.  Drink alone or use as a mixer to create unique cocktails.  A better for you beverage.



Original Rose

Pure rose flavor. Floral and uplifting with gentle bubbles.

O3400010 · UPC 867337000468 · 12/12 oz.

Mint Rose

A perfect balance of crisp, cool mint and lighthearted rose with gentle bubble.

O3400030 · UPC 867337000475 · 12/12 oz.

Lychee Rose

An exciting blent of exotic fruit and romantic floral.

O3400020 · UPC 867337000482 · 12/12 oz.