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Northern Soda Company

Arden Hills, Minnesota

Northern Soda was formed in 2018 by a group of Twin Cities' educators who were passionate about creating remarkable craft sodas that remind customers of soda the way it used to be.  Their sodas are hand-crafted in small batches by actual human beings.  It's made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to create incredible flavors.  It's sweetened with the perfect amount of real sugar and doesn't have extra preservatives or chemicals.  Northern Soda is enthusiastic about serving their customers and the community.



Blue Raspberry Soda

This raspberry soda is like letting a blue freeze pop melt for awhile and then drinking the ice cold liquid.  It's a perfectly sweet and sour carbonated freeze pop.  A favorite of kids!

U4320100 · UPC 860000114813 · 24/12 oz.

Pontoon Punch

Pontoon Punch is based off a 1950's punch bowl punch recipe.  It's sweet and sour, bubbly and refreshing.  Caffeine free.

U4320105 · UPC 860000114820 · 24/12 oz.

Cherry Citrus

This soda is inspired by lemon sour sodas from Grandma's house 40 years ago.  Citrus and sour, it's accented with natural cherry.  Caffeine free. 

U4320110 UPC 860495002039 · 24/12 oz.

Butterscotch Root Beer

Northern Soda's signature root beer recipe with caramelized sugar and molasses combined to make an ultra smooth butterscotch root beer. 

U4320115 UPC 860002527703 · 24/12 oz.

Minnesota Apple

This soda is inspired by the incredible apples developed and grown in Minnesota.  It's light, crisp, sweet, sour, and tart.  No artificial colors, gently carbonated and caffeine free.

U4320120  UPC 860000114899 · 24/12 oz.


A 1950's classic orange soda that is gently carbonated.  Caffeine free.

U4320125 UPC 860495002060 · 24/12 oz.

Black Cherry

This is a natural black cherry recipe from 1952.  It's gently carbonated, no artificial color, caffeine free. 

U4320130 UPC 860495002015 · 24/12 oz.

Sunday Purple

A classic soda fountain grape soda, with a hint of vanilla.  It has a bold flavor and is super smooth.  Caffeine free.

U4320135 UPC 860495002046 · 24/12 oz.

Cream Soda

This American-syle cream soda is based off of a soda fountain recipe from 1952.  It's an ultra smooth caffeine free vanilla soda. 

U4320140 UPC 860495002022 · 24/12 oz.

Root Beer

Root Beer has flavors of vanilla, honey, star anise, molasses, wintergreen, cane sugar, and a hint of cinnamon.  It's spicy, yet smooth.  Caffeine free.

U4320145 UPC 860495002008 · 24/12 oz.


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