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Indianapolis, Indiana

Circle is a purpose-driven, vertically integrated, better-for-you beverage company. With the mission to help people find balance and feel good, one drink at a time, Circle focuses on providing healthy, low-sugar, functional beverages to the areas that often get overlooked. Circle is made with integrity, distributed responsibly and created with ingredients that limit the impact on the environment. Circle believes in enabling the health of their consumers and advancing the happiness of the communities in which they belong.  



Peach Blossom

A traditional raw kombucha (no fruit added) with a strong effervensence and subtle peach note.

 O3303000 · UPC 850008871214 · 12/12 oz.


Tart, bold-bodied kobucha with a mouth watering aftertaste.  Brewed with organic pomegranates.

 O3303100 · UPC 850008871221 · 12/12 oz.

Ginger Lemon

A crisp, refreshing kombucha that balances the bite of raw, organic ginger with tart, fresh lemon juice.

 O3303200 · UPC 850008871238 · 12/12 oz.

Mango Turmeric

Mango Turmeric packs a sweet mango start followed by an enjoyable turmeric finish.

O3303300 · UPC 850008871306 · 12/12 oz.

Rotating Flavor

O3303400 · UPC 850008871245 · 12/12 oz.



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