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A deep water marine fish found in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.  Its sweet, delicate flesh ranges from white to pink in color, however, cooked opakapaka is always white.  They are usually caught at depths between 30 and 100 fathoms.  Fish caught over hard bottoms have brighter skin colors than those caught over soft bottoms.  It can run from lean to fat, depending on the season (they're fattier in the winter).  In Hawaii, it's also referred to as “pink snapper” or “crimson snapper.”  Opakapaka is the most important bottom fish species in terms of total landed weight and value in Hawaii.Opakapaka has a clear, light pink flesh that has a firm texture and a delicate flavor.  It is very versatile and well suited for most preparations including some of the finest sashimi.Opakapaka are caught year-round in the Hawaiian Islands by vertical hook and line gear.  There is also a trap-net fishery for smaller fish.  There is a distinct peak in landings during the winter season, which is October through February.


Fortune Fish & Gourmet - The Seafood & Gourmet Specialist - Fish Icon


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