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Old 1871 Release Party at GT Fish & Oyster

In 1871, oysters were on every menu in Chicago, traded for pork with East Coast seafood vendors.  They have been hailed by historians as the first food trend in Chicago.  1871 also brought us the largest fire the city had seen and some of the toughest firefighters.   Old 1871 Oysters are a tribute to those heroic firefighters and the rich history of oysters in Chicago. Fortune Fish & Gourmet is excited to announce the arrival of Old 1871 Oysters.


As history has it, a company of Chicago firemen were up to their hoses in fire fights during a long dry spell back in October of 1871. They took a break for some beer and Virginia oysters at a popular oyster saloon thinking their job was done for the day. They were surprised to walk back out into the greatest fire of Chicago's history and the fight of their lives as the ensuing days wore on.


Today, Chicagoans still love their heroes, oysters and beer. Fortunately, Old 1871 oysters are still grown on the eastern shores of Virginia with a taste that harkens back to those bold times of heroism and destiny.  Old 1871 Oysters are a medium to large oyster that feed on fresh watercurrents loaded with sweet plankton in isolated barrier islands. Here is where the cold, salty Atlantic tides give the oysters their robust flavor. As you slurp on Old 1871 it hits your mouth with a sudden burst of brine, followed by hints of celery and grass rooted on your tongue. The deep, elongated cup provides thick meats and the perfect vessel for a blast of the pristine Atlantic Ocean.


Taste the legacy of Chicago, shuck an Old 1871 and slurp one for the boys of Engine Company No. 3.