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Mackerel, Spanish


Spanish Mackerel are distributed Gulf wide in coastal nearshore waters and along estuaries and bays. Florida is considered to have the highest population of Spanish mackerel. They have an elongated body with a green dorsum and flattened silver sides heavily marked with oval yellow or gold-olive spots. Spanish mackerel grow fast.  Spanish mackerel have firm flesh with a high-oil content, making it full flavored. Typically the fish is consumed with the skin on, because Spanish mackerel has small silvery scales. The Spanish mackerel fishery is deemed sustainable by Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium. The fish are caught by gillnet, castnet, or hook and line gear. The impact of the fishery on habitat is considered minimal given that Spanish mackerel are primarily caught in coastal waters at or near the surface of the water. Bycatch is minimal since commercial fishermen can throw the cast net directly on schooling mackerel. The Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council regulates Spanish mackerel through the joint 

Coastal Migratory Pelagic Fisheries Management Plan. 


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