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Kampachi, Hawaiian

Hawaiian Kampachi is a delicious, sushi-grade Hawaiian yellowtail, sustainably raised in the pristine open ocean off the coast of Hawaii.  In the wild, Seriola rivoliana would be known as Almaco Jack or kahala, but Hawaiian Kampachi is substantially different from its wild counterpart.  It is nurtured through its entire life cycle from hatchling to harvest, yielding one of the healthiest and most delicious fish on the market.  Hawaiian Kampachi is also rich in healthy Omega-3 fish oils.Hawaiian Kampachi has a clean, rich but crisp taste.  Its high fat content (30%) creates a fish that is prized for its succulent yet subtle flavor and firm texture, and versatile enough for both raw and cooked applications.  Hawaiian Kampachi is farmed in open ocean, off-shore submerged net pens deep in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.  No growth hormones or antibiotics are used in raising this fish.


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