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Halibut, Icelandic

Farmed Icelandic Halibut is a premium quality Atlantic halibut sustainably farm-raised in Iceland.  A top-quality sustainable seafood option available fresh November through March.  A white fish popular for its firm flesh and tender, moist meat, Icelandic Halibut has a mildly sweet yet distinctive flavor.  An excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, this fish is a favorite amongst restauranteurs for its versatility as a signature seafood menu item.  Produced by a fully integrated farm which controls feed production, the hatchery, growout and processing facilities. Farm-Raised Icelandic Halibut are sustainably raised in recirculated above ground tanks using a blend of pure Icelandic spring water, seawater and geothermal water.  This land-based operation is one of the most responsible fish farming methods.  Antibiotic and hormone free.


Fortune Fish & Gourmet - The Seafood & Gourmet Specialist - Fish Icon


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