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Wanna Date

New York City, New York 


Melissa loves eating fruit. During college she moved to New York City and got a job in a smoothie & acai bowl shop. During her first shift she was shocked to see the sugar added to sweeten the acai and wondered why they didn't just use dates as a sweetener, or maybe there was a way to drizzle the dates directly as a sweetener.  Discovering there was not a way to do this she decided to create one herself. These date spreads have no added sugar, are low in calories, vegan, oil free and cholesterol free. 



Original Date Spread 

U3090100 · UPC 850006254040 · 12/9 oz. 

Chocolate Date Spread 

U3090120 · UPC 850006254026 · 12/9 oz. 

Cinnamon Date Spread 

U3090140 · UPC 850006254002 · 12/9 oz. 

Vanilla Date Spread 

U3090160 · UPC 850006254019 · 12/9 oz. 


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