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Pitmaster LT

Kansas City, Missouri


Pitmaster LT’s BBQ Sauces and Rubs are creations of Mr. “LT,” a proud U.S. Army veteran and Kansas City barbecue pitmaster. Drawing from his experiences living in the Kansas City Area and operating a BBQ joint, he developed and perfected these BBQ sauces and dry rubs over the course of three decades. In 2016, LT introduced his products at local Kansas City Area supermarkets. By 2020, Pitmaster LT’s was available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.



Classic BBQ Sauce

U08910000 · UPC 615195000010 · 6/18 oz. 


Spicy BBQ Sauce

U08910040 · UPC 615195000027 · 6/18 oz. 


Beef & Lamb BBQ Rub

U08910100 · UPC 615195334269 · 6/7 oz. 


Pork & Poultry BBQ Rub

U08910080 · UPC 615195445378 · 6/5 oz. 


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