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Masala by Marigold

Chicago, Illinois

From the award winning Marigold Restaurant, these sauce enthusiasts use low and slow kettle techniques to deliver layers of flavor. Each sauce is unique with its own centuries old recipe. In their Journey, they are very clear about one thing - anything they create will not only taste great and provide great value - but also conform to the intricacies and nuances of the culture from which the food is inspired.  Frozen in clear, plastic, flexi-pouch bags.  Boil or steam in bag.  Superior freeze thaw stability and maintains high performance in hot holding.



Makhni Sauce

A sumptuous, butter-based tomato cream sauce seasoned with ginger, garlic, spices and finished with the fresh herbal notes from fenugreek leaves.

86200140 · 4/4 lb

Coconut Curry Sauce

A rich coconut cream sauce that is seasoned with a tangy blend of chilies, tamarind, mustard seed and shredded coconut and finished with sliced onions.

86200130 · 4/4 lb



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