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Boulder, Colorado

The founder is a health enthusiast, loves fitness, and loves eating and food.  After the frustration of empty calories, he set out to take the snacks everyone loves and tried to create them without the empty calories, but still good taste.  Ancient grains from the pantry turned out to be the answer.  Healthy does not have to be boring.  Top 12 Allergen Free,  Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, 100% Ancient Grains.


Olive Oil & Sea Salt Chips

Sorghum, olive oil and sea salt.  Simple ingredients that play off of each other perfectly.  A classic flavor with ancient grain goodness in every handful.

U8100000 · 30/1 oz
U8100020 · UPC 811185030184 · 24/1 oz
U8100050 · UPC 811185030160 · 12/3.25 oz

Salt & Vinegar Chips

An ideal balance between the sour bite of vinegar and the perfect pairing of sea salt.   Light, airy, slightly nutty and not overboard on the vinegar pucker factor like many expect.

U8100200 · UPC 811185030139 · 30/1 oz
U8100250 · UPC 811185030122 · 12/3.25 oz

Rosemary Garlic Chips

The #1 best seller and fan favorite.  Subtle flavors of rosemary and garlic to give you the flavor you want without overpowering everything else.

U8100100 · UPC 811185030146 · 30/1oz
U8100150 · UPC 811185030153 · 12/3.25 oz

Dairy-Free Cheddar Chips

With family from Wisconsin they had to make a cheese flavored, but had a tough crowd to please.  So much cheesy, cheddary flavor that people cant believe it is dairy free.

U8100300 · UPC 811185030108 · 30/1 oz
U8100350 · UPC 811185030115 · 12/3.25 oz


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