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Fillo's Sofrito Beans

Geneva, Illinois

Fillo's offers a line of fully cooked, ready to heat-and-serve beans seasoned with sofrito--aromatic vegetables, herbs, and spices gently cooked in olive oil. It is a labor-intensive preparation rarely seen outside of homes and traditional restaurants. The company's founders worked closely with friends, family, farmers and suppliers from all over the Americas until they had achieved the rich, complex flavors they recall from childhood--a process echoed in their brands ethos: Americas Made. The pouches are shelf-stable and convenient: simply vent, heat, pour, and serve. Eat alone as a meal, over rice, as a side dish to meat or fish, or as part of an interesting recipe. Fillo's Sofrito Beans are non-GMO, preservative free, vegan, high-protein, high-fiber, low calorie and low fat.



Black Beans with Cuban Sofrito

Premium black beans, soaked, seasoned with Cuban green sofrito, and simmered until tender.

W4500110 · UPC 869707000207 · 6/10 oz   
W4501060 · Bulk · 6/4 lb


Garbanzo Beans with Panama Sofrito

Jumbo garbanzos, soaked, seasoned with Panamanian red sofrito, and simmered until tender.

W4500120 · UPC 869707000214 · 6/10 oz   
W4501070 · Bulk · 6/4 lb 

Mayocoba Beans with Ancho Epazote

Creamy mayocobas, soaked, seasoned with ancho and epazote, and simmered until tender.

W4500130 · UPC 869707000221 · 6/10 oz   
W4501080 · Bulk · 6/4 lb