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Core & Rind

St. Louis, Missouri

Core and Rind created deliciously creamy and dairy free Cashew Cheesy Sauce. It has whole, real ingredients, all of which you can pronounce (ta-da!). It is packed with healthy fats, nourishing spices, plant power and deliciousness. Candi and Rita [Core & Rind] spent years developing Cashew Cheesy Sauce to make your journey to health easier and tastier. They believe that health begins with one small (and delicious) change in the kitchen. Let them nourish you from the CORE to the RIND.  Made with whole, real, non-GMO ingredients that are gluten, soy, preservative and additive free.  Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30 and Keto friendly.



Bold & Spicy

Spicy and smoky chipotle flavor.  

W2090000 · UPC 860001150612 · 6/11 oz

Sharp & Tangy

Tangy, packed with flavor, think sharp cheddar cheese.

W2090100 · UPC 860001150605 · 6/11 oz

Rich & Smoky

Rich smoky flavor, think smoked gouda and summer BBQ.

W2090200 · UPC 860001150629 · 6/11 oz


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