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Boat Street Pickles


Boat Street Pickles
A small, not-so-secret restaurant, the Boat Street Café is nestled into a hidden courtyard near the vibrant Seattle waterfront. Once through the floor-to-ceiling French doors, one is charmed by the bright, sophisticated interior dressed with simple accents of French culinary treasures collected over the years by chef and owner, Renee Erickson. The black slate tables, fresh flowers, and a canopy of antique parasols draw one to the white marble- topped bar that bears many jars of pickles made in-house. For many years, Renee has produced a variety of pickled fruits and vegetables as a way to preserve fresh, Northwest produce at the height of ripeness and flavor. This ‘healthy compulsion’ to pickle nearly everything soon became an integral part of what makes the Provencal-inspired cuisine of the Boat Street Cafe so memorable. The pickles have, over time, become an essential element of the Boat Street pantry and are sought out by many of the café’s patrons. Renee’s favorite pickles are now available for all to enjoy, anytime, anywhere.

Pickled Figsboat-street-figs

Black Mission figs bathed in a sweet syrup of red wine, cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and sea salt; try pairing with grilled steak and rosemary roasted potatoes. Also delicious with fresh goat cheeses, bleu d’auvergne, panna cotta, or old fashioned vanilla ice cream. Serve alongside a blue cheese tarte and fresh salad greens.
U1120010 · 12/9 oz.

French Plumboat-street-french-plums

Large pitted plums are plumped with a syrup of cider vinegar, cane sugar, accented with coriander, mustard seed, arbol chili, orange peel and bay leaf; a great accent to a selection of pate or as a side with roast chicken or duck. Delicious as part of an open face sandwich of toasted country bread and fresh ricotta. Arrange prunes on a platter with cornichon, pickled red onion, Dijon mustard and thick slices of country pate. For dessert serve the prunes with pound cake and cream. 2015 Sofi Award Finalist.
U1120040 · 12/9 oz.

Pickled Raisinsboat-street-raisins

Large golden raisins cured in a sweet and tangy syrup of cider vinegar, mustard seed, thyme, arbol chili, and bay leaf; a wonderful pairing with roasted pork loin, or grilled fresh sausages. For a great side dish add the raisins to couscous pilaf or coleslaw salad with cider vinegar, olive oil and fresh parsley. Gently warm pickled golden raisins in a skillet with a spoonful of olive oil, add a splash of champagne vinegar, chopped parsley & toasted pine nuts, spoon over sea bass or sole.
U1120070 · 12/9 oz.

Pickled Apricotsboat-street-apricots

Tart apricots are cured in a sour and flavorful syrup of cider vinegar, toasted curry and other spices. It is delicious with strong cheese such as blue or aged cheddar, with roasted chicken and other roasted meats. Add these to any charcuterie plate or as a glaze for grilled leg of lamb.
U1120100 · 12/9 oz.

pickled cherriespickled-cherries

Bing cherries in a tart and tangy syrup.  Wonderful on meat, cheese or desserts. 2015 Sofi Award Finalist.

U1120130 · 12/6 oz.


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