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Drake's Frozen Pasta

High Point, North Carolina


Their recipe for success: a passion for pasta. Outstanding pasta, worthy of rave reviews. They started out making only flat noodles, but quickly the demand for premium filled pastas sent them adventuring into a whole new arena of the pasta business. Now, some 25 years later, Drake's has become the pasta of choice for chefs, upscale food markets and discerning home chefs coast to coast. Sauces and fillings are made from scratch using fresh ingredients, hand chopped vegetables, the freshest cream and freshly grated cheeses. 


Lasagna with Meat Sauce

W3200010 · UPC 835008007108 · 4/6.5 lb


Cheese Lasagna 

W3200020 · UPC 835008007306 · 4/6.5 lb


Cheese Tortellini

W3200070 · UPC 835008002011 · 130 ct


Cheese Stuffed Shells

W3200090 · UPC 835008007467 · 9/1.85 lb


Butternut Squash Ravioli

W3200080 · UPC 835008003568 · 130 ct


Eggplant Cutlet

W3200065 · UPC 835008000147 · 1-10 lb



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