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Gourmet Beef

Grass Run Farms


Gourmet Beef
Grass Run Farms


Grass Run Farms, founded and run by Ryan and Kristine Jepsen, is a regional meat company representing sustainable family farms in the bluff country of Northeast Iowa and across the Upper Midwest. Farmers are selected based on their dedication to Grass Run Farms process, safety and production standards.  Animals are grass-fed with a natural, forage-based diet, and never given antibiotics, hormones or growth promotants.
B2330200 · Ground Beef 80/20 (Frozen) · 4/5 lb bricks
B2340100 · Check Roll
B2340102 · Chuck Roll (Frozen)
B2340202 · Ribeye Lipon Frozen
B2340300 · Strip Loin
B2340400 · Tenderloin Pismo
B2340605 · Outerskirt/Skirt Steak Peeled
B2340685 · Brisket
B2340725 · Hanging Tender
B2340850 · Boneless Chuck Short Ribs
B2341000 · Femur Knobs · 45 lb
Ask your sales rep for availability on other cuts.







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