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Gilbert & Bernard

Brooklyn, New York

Gilbert & Bernard is a line of pâté and specialty foods inspired by travel. All of their products are made with pasture-raised meats and no antibiotics.
Gilbert and Bernard are debonair, adventurous, silly and sweet— they are two happy piggies that fancy themselves to be gourmands. In short, they are perfectly positioned to guide us through a world full of flavor with their expertise and charm.



Pâté de Campagne with Port Wine and Citrus

Gilbert & Bernard's house favorite pâté! It's like a traditional pâté de campagne that's freshened up with port wine, orange zest, thyme, and rosemary. This coarse pork pâté has a nice balance and sweetness from the port wine and citrus.

Y2701000 · UPC 748528767523 · 6/7 oz.


Black Truffle Mousse

Gilbert & Bernard transports you to the South of France with this decadent chicken liver mousse seasoned with fresh black truffles that were foraged during peak season. 

Y2701010 · UPC 748528767530 · 6/7 oz.

Pink Peppercorn Pâté

Gilbert & Bernard think this pâté is fun, because they like how the pink peppercorns do a little dance on your palate. This fragrant and floral pâté pairs well with sweet and savory jams, fresh figs, and salad greens dressed with citrus.

Y2701020 · UPC 748528767530 · 6/7 oz.

Wild Mushroom Pâté

The wild mushroom pâté is made with a blend of shiitake and porcini mushrooms paired with herbaceous vermouth and fresh thyme to balance these earthy flavors. This pork pâté is a flavor bomb. 

Y2701030 · UPC 748528767554 · 6/7 oz.


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