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Libertyville, Illinois

The ZenSweet Company creates all-natural, innovative NO sugar products.  Free from GMOs, grains and gluten, their offerings are hearth forward and taste so incredibly good!

Family owned and operated since 2015.



Monk Fruit Sweetener

All-Natural, zero calorie, zero glycenmic sweetener. Tastes and measures just like sugar, 1 cup of ZenSweet equals 1 cup of sugar.  Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO

U4130010 · UPC 086910700401 · 12/1 lb.

Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix

Fudgy, dark chocolate brownies.  Just add unsweetened yogurt (non-dairy for Vegan).  Each bag makes 12 cupcakes or an 8x8 pan of brownies.

U4130020 · UPC 086910800425 · 12/11.25 oz.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Taste just like homemade using high quality ingredients and just 2 ingredients needed to add to mix.  Each bag makes 12 cookies.

U4130030 · UPC 086910700041 · 12/9 oz.

Vanilla Bean Cake Mix 

Handcrafted baking mix that tastes like it was made from scratch.  With real vanilla beans that you can see, this cake bakes up fluffy and sweet.

U4130040 · UPC 086910700044 · 12/11.7 oz.