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Mayana Chocolate

Spooner, Wisconsin

Mayana Chocolate is run by husband and wife team, Daniel and Tamara Herskovic, who are as is love with chocolate as they are with each other. Daniel takes world class chocolate, adds his culinary finesse and creates the edible treasure of Mayana. Tamara brings her interior architecture schooling and event planning career to design and radiate the experience of Mayana. She fashions the chocolate packaging and custom designs and brings warm communication to all clientele. 




Space Bar

You'll want some serious alone time with this one. Our out-of-this-world Space Bar features vanilla-bean nougat, toasted almonds, fleur de sel caramel, and our 66% custom blend of dark chocolate to let you get away from it all. 

U5201700 · 3.5 oz./8/Case



Fix Bar

One thing leads to another with the Fix Bar. Crafted with vanilla-bean shortbread, fleur de sel caramel, & their own 66% custom-blend chocolate, this bar delivers every bit of the fix it promises, & just might leave you wanting more. 

U5201705 · 3.5 oz./8/Case



Kitchen Sink Bar

It's all here, everything you need to indulge your sweet tooth... peanut butter, pretzel & crisp rice combine with milk chocolate, fleur de sel caramel, & their signature 66% dark chocolate for a taste experience unlike any other. 

U5201710 · 3.5 oz./8/Case



Coconut Dream Bar

Touted as the new favorite, the Coconut Dream Bar is a must-have! It features crispy coconut cookie, salted caramel, & creamy coconut with 66% dark chocolate. 

U5201715 · 3.5 oz./8/Case

Heavens to Bacon Bar

This bar may induce unicorn sightings and other happy feelings. Contains Smoked Bacon Caramel, Almond and Potato Chip Praline, Crisp Rice, 66% Dark Chocolate.

U5201720 · 3.3 oz./8/Case


Coffee Break Bar Mini

Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up! Coffee marshmallow, salted caramel, 66% dark chocolate. 

U5201730 · 1.5 oz./10/Case



Pride Bar Mini

Spread the love with the newest addition, the Pride Bar Mini! This delicious treat features salted peanut caramel, peanut butter nougat, 66% dark chocolate, & topped with rainbow sprinkles! Each case comes with a quantity of 10 mini Pride bars to share. 

U5201735 · 1.5 oz./10/Case

Space Bar Mini

Toasted almond-vanilla bean nougat, fleur de sel caramel, and 66% dark chocolate. 

U5201740 · 1.5 oz./10/Case

Kitchen Sink Bar Mini 

Just as delectable as the full-size version! Features peanut butter, pretzel, crispy rice, fleur de sel caramel, & 66% dark chocolate. 

U5201745 · 1.5 oz./10/Case

Monkey Bar Mini 

We've finally gone bananas, but only a little bit! You'll love this playful new mini candy bar flavor with banana rum caramel, vanilla bean marshmallow and 66% dark chocolate. 

U5201745 · 1.5 oz./10/Case

Cloud Nine Bar Mini 

Marshmallow, Fleur De Sal Caramel and 66% dark chocolate are in the mini candy bars. 

U5201745 · 1.5 oz./10/Case


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