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Vegan Croissants

These croissants are made with wheat flour and spelt flour and topped with quinoa seeds.  Loved by those who eat only vegan foods or not.  They have a vegan recipe with a sweet and caramelised taste due to the quinoa seeds.  Bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes.

80501420 · 56/2.82 oz

These cake strips are to be cut to your perfect portion size.  4 cake strips per case.  Frozen with a 3 day refrigerated shelf life when thawed.  Each cake strip measures 33cm x 13in.



Triple Crunchy Chocolate Layer Cake

On an almond biscuit, a layer of crunchy praline with milk chocolate and crunchy crepe pieces covered with Bavarian cream and white chocolate with a Bavarian cream and dark chocolate.

80501300 · 4/1.43 lb

Strawberry Layer Cake

On a pink colored jaconde biscuit with almonds and kirsch is delicious half strawberries on a bed of vanilla cream.  Topping this is strawberry coulis and a second pink colored jaconde biscuit and vanilla cream.  The Frasier is covered by a sleek red colored flocking.

80501390 · 4/1.8 lb

Salted Caramel & Pear Layer Cake

Caramel Bavarian cream with Pear William cubes sit on a moist Dacquoise biscuit with hazelnuts.  A caramel flavored topping highlighted with delicate milk chocolate ribbons tops the impressive cake.

80501330 · 4/1.54 lb

Peach Melba Layer Cake

A biscuit with raspberry bits is topped with a mousse and diced peach puree, diced peaches in syrup and a peach puree based coulis.  Topping all of this is a diplomat vanilla cream decorated with pieces of chopped green pistachios.

80501360 · 4/1.65 lb



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