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Aya Pastry

Chicago, Illinois

Aya Pastry always keeps the chef in  mind when creating breads.  The team's background in fine dining restaurants and upscale hotels brings a new lovel of quality, unmatched by other bakeries.  Ranging from crusty to soft, let Aya Pastry's aromatic artisan breads complete your next meal.  Bread is frozen right after baking and ready to thaw and serve.  Cut waste and use just what you need.



The perfect balance of chewy inside and crisp crust.  Their original sourdough starter and malt are added for a deepened flavor boost.

86810060 · 18" x 3" x 2" · 24/8 oz.


Genoese style focaccia with rosemary and sea salt.  Pillowy and delicate.

86810080 · 17" x 12" x 3" · 3/65 oz.

Country Sourdough

Aya's house sourdough combines their original starter with an overnight fermentation to create a complex flavor and scent.  Whole wheat flower and rye are added for extra character.

86810090 · 16" x 6" x 4" · 6/36 oz.