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Wisconsin Cheese

Cedar Grove Cheese



Wisconsin Cheese
Cedar Grove Cheese

Bob Will’s small cheese factory has made a big impact on the development of Wisconsin artisan cheese — many cheese artisans made their early batches at Cedar Grove before moving to their own vats. At the factory, Cedar Grove’s “Living Machine” uses natural algae, bacteria and plants to process waste water — just one of many signs of the company’s commitment to their land and environment. In 1993, Cedar Grove became the first cheese company in the nation to ban bovine growth hormones in their milk. Bob Wills is currently at work on another Wisconsin first, the state’s first urban creamery, which will be based in Milwaukee and focus on fresh-style cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella.



Q0700100 · Sheeps Milk

* ACS 2015 2nd place winner acs-winner-label



Organic White Cheddar

Q0700010 · Raw Cow’s Milk · Firm · Log · 5 lb.


Q0700070 · Sheep/Cow Blend · Semi-Firm · 5 lb.
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