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Cahill's Irish Cheddars

Newcastle West, County Limerick, Ireland

For over four generations the Cahill family has been farming and making cheese.  Using traditional hand-made production methods their focus is on producing delicious, Irish, artisan, flavored cheeses.  While preserving tradition, they have embraced modern technology to improve the quality of the cheesemaking process where possible.  The business today is a modern example of how farming and food manufacturing can be integrated to create products with tradition and quality within a sustainable agricultural framework.  These Irish cheddars are perfect on a cheeseboard, tossed in a salad or on their own.  The marbling in these cheeses make them equally eye appealing as they are tasty.



Cahill's Porter

This brown waxed truckle is the original Irish Plain Porter Cheese.  Each truckle is handcrafted with plain Irish porter, brewed by Guinness in Dublin. 

F1700340 · 5 lb.

Cahill's Red Wine

The first thing noticed in this cheese is the striking yellow and rose marbling throughout, then the deliciously sweet and tangy flavor.  Using a traditional monastic cheese recipe, Irish cheddar is combined with dry red elderberry wine.

F1700320 · 5 lb.

Cahill's Whiskey

Made with pasteurized sheep's and cow's milk then mixed with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey.  The cheese is smooth and rich without the whiskey overwhelming the milky flavors.

F1700380 · 5 lb.


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