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Stickney Hill Dairy

Rockville, Minnesota

In 1999, Stickney Hill Dairy had a mission of producing the nation’s finest quality goat cheeses. Stickney Hill Dairy’s ownership was raised in the rich tradition of dairy production that is synonymous with Stearns County, Minnesota, the nation’s fourth largest milk producing county. The work ethic and values instilled while working on the family dairy farm served as the cornerstones of what Stickney Hill stands for today. A specialist in the production of goat cheese, Stickney Hill Dairy manufactures several varieties and flavors of specialty goat cheeses. Each is made with immense care and dedication to ensure a consistent, flavorful cheese with every vat. 




Q8301190 · UPC 699323118020 · Fresh · Log · Pasteurized · 12/10.5 oz. 
Q8301070 ·  Fresh · Tub · Pasteurized · 2/4 lb 



Q8301200 · UPC 699323112318 · Fresh · Log · Pasteurized · 12/4 oz. 


Garlic & Herb

Q8301130 · UPC 699323112516 · Fresh · Log · Pasteurized · 12/4 oz.


Goat (Crumbles) 

Q8301100 · UPC 699323113009 · Fresh · Bag · Pasteurized · 12/4 oz.


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