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Mt. Sterling Co-Op Creamery

Mt. Sterling, Wisconsin

Mt. Sterling Co-op Creamery is a member owned and operated cooperative, incorporated under Wisconsin law in 1976 as the Southwestern Wisconsin Dairy Goat Products Cooperative. The owners of these traditional family-operated dairy goat farms are united in their desire to produce high-quality dairy goat products. That is why the rBGH hormone is not used by any producers in this co-op. 



Mild Goat Cheddar

Q2200010 · UPC 079004100023 · Goat's Milk · Semi-Firm · Block · Raw · 12/8 oz.


Sharp Goat Cheddar

Q2200020 · UPC 079004100108 · Goat's Milk · Semi-Firm · Block · Raw · 12/8 oz.


Goat Feta

Q2200030 · UPC 079004100115 · Goat's Milk · Semi-Firm · Block · Raw · 12/8 oz.


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